AI Solutions with Batoi

You can integrate AI modules across public clouds with Batoi Apps to build new solutions.

Integrate AI into Your Cloud Apps

The ability to integrate AI creates new opportunities for various automation within your organisation and also facilitates new services.
AI Applications with Batoi Solutions and Services
Build new custom software applications with Batoi Cloud Studio. Connect with public cloud services.

New Applications Powered by AI

Integrate Batoi services with AI capabilities to create new solutions.
Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing
Integrate NLP and VUI to build new services.
Computer Vision
Computer Vision
Build new applications with camera sensors.
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Connect your data to right ML modules for better decisions.
Data Analytics
Data Analytics
Visualise your business and its trend better.

Advantage! Batoi Solutions and Services with AI

Batoi’s fully managed services with consulting on demand, guided onboarding, customised training, proactive system maintenance and priority support put you at ease with your digital systems.

Growing Number of Apps and Integrations

A growing number of turnkey apps and marketplace with value-adds and integration makes the solution portfolio comprehensive.
Achieve transparency and interoperability

Achieve Transparency and Interoperability

ReST API and inbuilt features for the import and export of users’ data creates transparency and interoperability for data management.

Security and Privacy Controls

Multi-layered security controls and GDPR-level privacy features instil greater confidence in users about their sensitive data and systems in general.
Security and Privacy Controls

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