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Achieve digital transformation. Go cloud-native. Adopt best practices for data security and compliance.
Solutions and Services
We base our solutions and services on the solid foundation of technology innovations, determination for customer success, and unique relationships.

Data Analytics

Real-time predictive analytics for the enterprise data

Manage Your IT without Hassles

Batoi’s DevOps tools, open-source software, a niche suite of software applications from Batoi company, BCube Analytics Inc., offers comprehensive solutions for the banking and finance industry.
Low code software for business.
Data and Workflow
Manage operations and workflows.
Audits and Risks
Tools to manage business processes.
RegTech and FinTech
Solutions spanning the broad spectrum.

Advantage! Batoi Solutions and Services for Data Analytics

Batoi’s fully managed services with consulting on demand, guided onboarding, customised training, proactive system maintenance and priority support put you at ease with your digital systems.

Automation. Low Learning Curve.

Full-cycle of software management through Batoi Cloud Studio and DevSecOps tools.

Achieve Transparency and Interoperability

Batoi's core framework and generic components are available as open-source.

Security and Privacy Controls

Manage access control based on roles. Use Single Sign-On (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all your applications.
Our solution specialists are available to discuss your projects or requirements, and product evangelists for arranging a demo of Batoi products.