Startup and Innovation! Batoi Solutions for You.

A solution Suite for supporting startups and fledglings with Technology Lab, Cloud App for managing Innovation Centres, and online network for business intelligence and engaging with mentors and experts.

Startup and Innovation

Enabling the Ecosystem for Innovation

Use SaaS apps to boost the existing business processes. Use the low-code platform, Batoi Cloud Studio App, to build Open Source apps that can be deployed anywhere.
Startups and Fledglings
Startups and Fledglings!
Learn, network, and collaborate with mentors, experts and investors.
Manage complete lifecycle, map and allocate infrastructure, and offer value-added services

Nurturing an Ecosystem for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Synergetic ecosystem for innovation and business
Cloud App
Cloud App
Cloud App to manage infrastructure and lifecycle at Innovation Centers
Technology Labs powered by the Batoi Cloud
Business Networking and Global Resources Matching

Advantage! Batoi Solutions and Services for Startup and Innovation

Batoi’s fully managed services with consulting on demand, guided onboarding, customised training, proactive system maintenance and priority support put you at ease with your digital systems.

Growing Number of Apps and Integrations

A growing number of turnkey apps and marketplace with value-adds and integration makes the solution portfolio comprehensive.
Achieve transparency and interoperability

Achieve Transparency and Interoperability

ReST API and inbuilt features for the import and export of users’ data creates transparency and interoperability for data management.

Security and Privacy Controls

Multi-layered security controls and GDPR-level privacy features instil greater confidence in users about their sensitive data and systems in general.
Security and Privacy Controls

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